Monday, 3 June 2013

I love collecting things

When you love creating, collecting is an inevitable part of the whole thing.
 This has both good and bad sides to it. the good side is there may always be that certain something that you really need lurking in the pile of miscellaneous, and the bad side is you just don't have any more space to fit all of it in.
 I have to admit that throwing things away is just not part of my vocabulary when it comes to stuff that can be used in my Jewellery or other creative pursuits, I always like to keep hold of something 'just in case'.

 'Just in case' has served me pretty well really over the years and although I like to keep lots of bits and bobs they usually have a special home to stay otherwise it would be chaotic.
I still find myself pulling out little charms and old stones and trinkets from the seventies; sometimes I do use them, but mostly I just like having them around.
Are you a collector?  do you save a little stash of things to use for your projects? do you find it hard to throw any of it away?
I like to go through them every so often and sometimes they really do come in handy. Of course some of the little items have sentimental value and I suppose this can add some individual charm.

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