Tuesday, 22 July 2014

loom band love

OK, lets talk about loom bands.
 And if you haven't been on another planet for the last year then you'll know that loom band have literally taken over the world just like any good craze should.
I have to say I love a good craze because it's great to see how it's builds and how it will, eventually fade away and become a distant memory - hey but not just yet! I hear you cry I have a million loom bands to make!
I love this craze because obviously although it is something predominately for kids adults have seriously joined in and it is not unusual to see adults sporting them (without shame, and not being in the least ironic either) My friend recently spotted an old lady of about eighty in the supermarket wearing a wrist-full which is brilliant!
I thought I would pay respect to the craze and make a few that maybe an older audience might like. There are so many things you can do with them and I suppose they have taken the place of the good old fashioned woven friendship bracelet. People make them for themselves, their friends and loved ones.
here I just added a vintage button to give them a charm.
If you have any old buttons around the house add them to your looms for a hippy look

What do you think? have you had enough of the craze? or do you think 'long let it continue'?


  1. I had no idea we shared a love of vintage wallpaper! You must come for a cuppa and see my collection! :)

  2. yes it's true! especially the seventies type, sounds like a great idea emma!