Thursday, 10 July 2014

Make a bohemian wall hanging

Hello I thought I would show you this project. It's simple to make and looks lovely!
Here's what you'll need
Step one
Using a circle template ( I made one using a piece of card and used a tape reel to draw around ,you can find something similar around the house that will make a good template.
then using the template cut out lots of circles from your assorted patterned papers
(I used a gift wrap,my patterned papers origami paper and wallpaper)
Then when you have lots of circles sew them together on the sewing machine.The sewing machine works
well because it makes the secure and also gives them that nice swinging effect

Leave a long piece of cotton at the top before you start sewing and use this to wrap around the stick
(the stick I found on the way home from dropping the kids off at school)
  keep adding on all the pieces. I had six circles on each piece but you can make them as long as you like
Just to make sure that the cotton doesn't unravel I like to brush on a little bit of pva glue to hold it in place.
Finally tie your ribbon at each side of the stick, and there you have it!
Hope you have fun making it!

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